At Mission Community Services Society we are a team of professional staff and volunteers led by a Board of Directors dedicated to supporting our residents to achieve or maintain their sense of independence. We build inclusive and healthy partnerships and support and empower people to be contributing members of our community. We work hard to find effective long term solutions to complex problems. And most importantly we are committed to our vision of Helping People, Changing Lives, and Building Community.

Our Board of Directors

Roger Dowker, Board Chair

Bob Ingram, Vice Chair

Stephen Pomeroy, Treasurer

Satti Grewal, Director

Laurel Martin, Director

Sonia Sharma Dherari, Director

Abe Neufeld, Director

Cal Crawford, Director

Paul Hockridge, Director

Our Management Team

Sanjay Gulati, Executive Director

Karen Laing, Manager, Governance and Resource Development

Darlene Straarup, Manager Family and Youth Services

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