The Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI) committee works to ensure MCSS programs are both effective and continually improve positive outcomes for families and individuals served by the organization.  Essentially, it proactively measures program outcomes and seeks to improve them.  PQI is comprised of a team of dedicated staff members whose positions rotate annually.  The committee presently includes FDRP staff, but will include a rotation cycle in the next fiscal year of staff from other parts of the agency.


To accomplish its task, all staff identify opportunities for improvement, which are brought to the attention of the committee.  The committee problem-solves obstacles that are impeding greater effectiveness, finds measurement points from which to assess improvement, initiates the necessary changes, and measures results that are ultimately shared within and outside the organization.


Examples of PQI oversight include, and are not limited to:

  • Information technology analysis
  • File audits and record integrity
  • Ensure program staff meetings and management meetings occur as required
  • Review data collection process and tools
  • Review client complaints, staff grievances
  • Health and safety committee critical incidents and staff meeting minutes.


Clients surveys have reported client satisfaction in service accessibility; felt services made a positive difference in their lives; developed greater preparedness to deal with life challenges; were respected by staff; mutually set their goals with their worker[s]; and felt their cultural and spiritual beliefs were respected.  This is seen through improved communication within the family, strengthened parent/child attachments, greater access to community resources to sustain ongoing safe and healthy family functioning, and ability to manage problem situations.