We are here to help set up plans and goals for your settlement needs.

Our goal is to offer you timely, useful and accurate information to help you make informed settlement decisions. Our services can help you cope with problems of everyday living in a new country and navigating the Canadian system.  We have information sessions on settlement and integration matters including rights and obligations, life in Canada, education, health, housing, legal matters, banking, social services, community resources and more in order to boost your knowledge and ability to make your own decisions.

What We Do

    • Provide information about English language programs (LINC).
    • Provide information about accessing no/low-cost medical/dental clinics
    • Provide community resource links to information about landlord/tenant rights
    • Provide information about community volunteering and/or paid positions
    • Explain how to take public transit, purchase transit tickets and passes, and obtain transit maps
    • Explain where and how to obtain a driver’s licence and assist with forms
    • Provide information about where to apply for income assistance
    • Assist with setting-up bank accounts and other banking services if required
    • Assist with applying for Permanent Resident Cards and other visas
    • Outreach to all newly-arrived families
    • Information and Orientation sessions
    • Referral links to appropriate community resources

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Each month a unique topic is discussed that addresses the clients’ needs.

Experts from various fields are invited to do presentations on topics such as Health and Nutrition, Parenting for Newcomers, and Finances etc.

Call us to find out when the next conversation circle is scheduled: 604-826-3634.


Settlement workers provide support to newcomers who hope to become Canadian citizens. As the laws and rules for applying can change from time to time, settlement workers hold Citizenship sessions four times per year. The session covers qualifying criteria, application process and online support.

Call us to find out when the next session will be held.  Phone 604-826-3634. Location is our offices at 33179 2nd Avenue, Mission, BC V2V 1J9.

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