Buchanan featured in United Way of Lower Mainland campaign

Sally Buchanan is one of our seniors who participates in the MCSS active aging program at the Mission Seniors Centre, and she is a part of the United Way of the Lower Mainland fall promotions campaign.

Her face will be used for online advertisements and bus interior cards. The active aging program is great because it gets isolated seniors out of their home and allows them to socialize with others while maintaining their physical health.

It should also be said that the Social Prescription Program has started which is a doctor referral program where seniors who are socially isolated, on high doses of medications, and are visiting the doctors office on a regular basis are refered to us, and we create a social program to get them out of their homes in hopes that the social programs that they are involved in will decrease the amount of medication that they take and the amount of doctor visits.

Read comments in the following United Way of the Lower Mainland story by Sally and then Raman Narang, program coordinator for Seniors Services at MCSS.

Link to the United Way story is HERE.