Canadian School System

Access to education is essential, especially as you start your new life in Canada. Settlement staff at Mission Community Services can assist you in understanding the various processes the schools require for your child to attend. Settlement staff will continue to support you, your child and school staff to ensure the learning experience is a successful one.

Need advice about health care?

Access to Health Care in Canada is every individual’s right. Mission has one hospital, a number of dental offices, walk-in clinics and a regional hospital in Abbotsford to serve you.
Mission Community Services Settlement and Integration workers can help advise and direct you to access those medical services.

Transportation: Getting Around Greater Vancouver

If you are wondering how to get to your destination in the region, we can help you with transit and train schedules and advise you on the best way to get to where you want to go.
Access to public transit can be limited if you plan to go to Vancouver from Mission. It gets easier if you are planning a short trip to Abbotsford. Visit us and let’s talk about your needs.

Is finding a job a concern?

Mission Community Services can steer you through the maze of employment challenges and opportunities in the region and talk to you about who you should see.

Educational credentials from different countries have different meanings for those hiring skilled staff in Canada. A newcomer-to-Canada Connector program in Mission can help you start building your network with key people. WorkBC is a partner program to MCSS.  Let’s Talk

What to know about home rentals?

One of your most important obligations as a tenant in any country is to pay your full rent on time. Your tenancy agreement should establish the amount of rent, when rent is due, and what forms of payment are accepted. You are still required to pay rent on time even if the day it is due falls on a holiday. You will need to plan ahead if your bank will be closed the day rent is due.

If you have a dispute with your landlord, experience a faulty appliance, a rent increase or have a noisy neighbor, our Mission Community Services Settlement and Integration Department can connect you with valuable resources that outline all the rules related to tenancy in British Columbia.