District adds welcoming information for newcomers

Mission Mayor Pam Alexis

After a request by the MCSS Local Immigration Partnership to the District of Mission to update its website with welcoming information on those new to Canada, it has carried through, thanks to support of Mission Mayor Pam Alexis.

On the District of Mission website, a statement on newcomers has been added to the About Us section of the website, starting at “There are over 5,000 people” …. and ending: “… everyone is truly welcome here.” Link: https://www.mission.ca/about/

The statement was first formulated in 2018 when Alexis, as a long-standing and passionate member of the Mission LIP Council, and councillor with the District of Mission, read out the three key sentences at a Mission Community Services/LIP refugee forum at Copper Hall titled “Tolerance is Not Enough.”

The Mission Local Immigration Partnership Council thanks the District of Mission for helping newcomers understand they are welcome here.