The Greatest Need Campaign

Together we can support eachother

Mental health barriers heighten for many, as we move towards the new normal.

There continues to be a significant increase for the need of mental health supports and community resources, which is creating a significant backlog for those who are seeking services. Having to wait for this essential service is unacceptable. The objective of this campaign is to bring awareness to the challenges many face daily and take definitive steps to address these needs in Mission.

The Greatest Need Campaign will allocate contributions to provide a Community Family Support Worker to take on community referrals, including youth mental health supports. These steps will be vital to ensure no one falls through the cracks as we work towards tackling mental health and other community needs. Support by the community - for the community, so we can all begin to heal together.

“More people than ever before are accessing our services. We are seeing people come to our doors who never would have thought to do so 18 months ago. The Pandemic has caused numerous issues, both with people’s livelihood and their mental health. It’s affecting all of us. MCSS is asking for your help so we can continue to help as many as possible.” Michelle Puffer, Executive Director.

Support from the community will be essential in ensuring Mission residents receive access to the support they need. You can assist by donating online or by texting “Give” to (604) 359 - 5620. Donations can also be made in person at the Mission Community Services location on 33179 2nd Avenue, Mission BC.