Heartfelt community farewell to Sanjay Gulati

A steady stream of well-wishers came to say farewell to MCSS executive director Sanjay Gulati on May 23 during a four hour open house. Heartfelt speeches by politicians, staff, managers and the public were heard about Sanjay’s six years of MCSS leadership. Special gift was a Mission tartan scarf.

Gulati’s integrity, honesty, patience, attention to detail and passion about truly helping others in Mission was the theme of speeches about him during an open mike session. He truly made his mark in Mission and will be sorely missed after a time of important change at Mission Community Services Society and its many programs, new initiatives and partnership-building, said those who shared their stories about him.

Gulati has accepted a new position in Galway, Ireland. His last day at MCSS is June 4.

While the search for a new executive director by MCSS board of directors led by chairman Bob Ingram is underway, Karen Laing, Manager Governance and Resource Development, will move into the interim Executive Director role.

“Again, we cannot thank Sanjay enough for his dedication, passion, enthusiasm and motivation he has given our organization. He will be greatly missed by the staff, board, volunteers, clients and supporters alike. We look forward to following the success of his career and are excited for the next chapter of MCSS as we continue the important work to enrich the lives of the people we serve,” said Ingram, who can be contacted at
[email protected].