Migrants Day: Helping newcomer families feel at home

International Migrants Day

Mission Record on Dec. 20 published a story about International Migrants Day and how it relates locally through the MCSS New to Canada (settlement) program and a new refugee family which settled in Mission.


On December 18 people all around the world celebrate International Migrants Day. International Migrants day is seen as an opportunity to recognize the contributions made by millions of migrants to their countries and will encourage respect for basic human rights.

For new migrants, local Settlement and Integration programs exist to aid the successful navigation of immigrants and refugees into Canada. Mission Community Services (MCSS) Settlement program is one of such organizations, which ensures new Canadians feel welcome and fully engaged in their new community.

MCSS is assisting a new family, the Al Nayef family, who are originally from Syria but knew they had to escape from the continuous war and it was difficult to have any hope.

After being in contact the United Nations they had migrated from Syria to Lebanon to continue the process of finding a safe place to call home. They lived in a confined space in constant flux of not knowing what their future will hold. They recall the most wonderful words ever spoken to them “you’re going to Canada.” They finally knew that they would be safe.

The Settlement team at MCSS works tirelessly towards ensuring migrants are successful in their transition into their new community. The team is internally motivated knowing their efforts are assisting these families. One of the recent transitions is depicted below by the team:

“Three words – “, I, school excited!” a young lady who knew no words of English until four weeks ago. Seeing and hearing the children smile, their immeasurable joy brought me to tears. Working with migrant families has opened my eyes to their respective worlds.”