Family Services

Services Provided

Families are the cornerstone of our society and they come in all shapes and sizes. MCSS provides a wide range of support to make families healthier. Life at home for many families can become better through parent training and support, therapy, mediation, and life skills coaching.

Services provided through our Family Development Response Program are designed to shield the integrity of children, youth, individuals and families. We achieve this by relieving the family stress through counselling and education that develops new skills, improves communication, enhances connection and builds resilience.

We believe strongly in parent education groups which focus on strengthening parent/child attachment. Our parenting groups are open to the community, and we offer them several times per year.

We work primarily with the Ministry of Children and Family Development to assist families in crisis. We accept community referrals from families on a case by case basis where our program has the capacity.


  • Family and Individual therapy

  • Parent education (includes Connect Parenting, Balanced Parenting)

  • Parent/Teen Conflict/Mediation

  • Life Skills Development

  • Family and Parenting Support

  • Supervised Access visits (MCFD referrals) only
Family Services Details
Who: Families requiring parenting assistance referred by MCFD. Limited community referrals accepted.
What: Programs help with parenting issues, family stressors, and trauma.
Where: MCSS Main Office @ 33179 2nd Avenue
P: (604) 826 - 3634
E: [email protected]

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