Prospera and #AllAreWelcomeHere campaign unite

When Sean Melia (pictured above), Mission branch manager for Prospera Credit Union, was first approached about sponsoring the #AllAreWelcomeHere bumper sticker and social media campaign, his enthusiasm was infectious.

“What a great project to support,” said Melia about the initiative launched by Mission’s Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) Council in March during the Mission New to Canada and Mission LIP We’re Your Neighbours Immigration Forum held at Copper Hall.

The Prospera logo has been added to the bumper sticker and Melia took possession of the second motherlode of the banners today (Sept. 15) during a visit by LIP coordinator Rick Rake.

Melia is excited about the campaign but saddened too because a campaign like this has to be created in “this day and age.”

“What ever happened to respect? As a society we can learn from each other. I am proud to be involved,” he said.

In receiving the newly-minted bumper stickers, Melia was presented with a letter from Mission Community Services Society on behalf of the LIP, explaining the campaign.

It said:

Thank you Mission branch of Prospera Credit Union for your wonderful participation in the #AllAreWelcomeHere bumper sticker campaign under the auspices of the Mission Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) based at Mission Community Services Society.

These stickers can be used for a variety of purposes from social media exposure with customers and community leaders, to affixing to everything from business windows and doors to tool boxes and vehicle bumpers.

Initiatives like this one, with your help and distribution network, engages the residents of Mission in addressing the issues of racial, religious and ethnic prejudice and discrimination through awareness and education.

The hashtag was launched in Ontario, and features information on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram to change the conversation and encourages co-existence in our efforts to create welcoming communities.
By displaying the bumper stickers, it can open the conversation with neighbors, co-workers and family about welcoming all to the community.

The Mission campaign was launched in March at a We’re Your Neighbours immigration forum sponsored by Immigration Refugees Citizenship Canada featuring guest speaker Baltej Dhillon, the first RCMP officer permitted to wear a turban, who passionately spoke on the topic of Tolerance is Not Enough. Action is key.
If you require more information on the campaign, contact Mission LIP coordinator Rick Rake at [email protected]. Again, thanks for your generous participation.

To learn more about the Mission Local Immigration Partnership, click HERE.