$5: SOCIAL FOOD cookbook fun

$5 fundraiser

SOCIAL FOOD 2Our new MCSS cookbook is hot off the press!

It features the recipes of our Community Kitchens interactions with our programming and our clients.  Whether Minestrone or Curried Lentils, Bread Pudding and Berry Parfait set your tastebuds on fire, this $5 cookbook will certainly make you smile and cause your appetite to sing.

All proceeds go to fund a variety of our MCSS programming.

Designed by artist Andrea Walker, with writing and planning input from our talented MCSS management and staff, the cookbook shares the beliefs of George Bernard Shaw who said: “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”

Flip through the cookbook’s 32 pages and you will also discover what our programming does to make the community a better place.

MCSS was pleased to have Community Kitchens leader Lexi Richards prepare these meals with our clients . . . whether they were new to Canada, registered with our seniors programming, engaged in our Early Years services, or were establishing a better life in the community.

Try the recipes.  For us, food is an important equalizer. Like they say, this cookSOCIAL FOOD 3book is soup for the soul.

Get your copy for $5 at our front office at 33179 Second Ave.   Get one while they’re hot.  For more details, call 604-826-3634.