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Mission Community Services Society Extreme Weather Response Shelter provides temporary accommodation to those who are homeless when severe weather conditions make sleeping outdoors a risk to health and safety. The shelter on Logan Avenue is put into service when the community’s Extreme Weather Response plan sparks notification to several agencies, in particular is open during periods of life challenging weather, which is includes temperature below zero, heavy rain, wind, or snow coverage.

The program runs between Oct 15th and April 15th.

We are open to any ethnicity, gender, diverse abilities, and are pet friendly.


Extreme Weather Response Details
Who: Homeless at risk.
What: Temporary shelter during extreme weather conditions.
Where: Extreme Weather Response @ 32646 Logan Ave Mission, BC V2V 6C7
When: October 15 - April 15 every year.
P: (604) 826 - 3634
E: [email protected]

MCSS Emergency Shelter

32646 Logan Ave, Mission, BC V2V 6C7

T: (604) 820 - 9008

Offering 10 beds for adults 19+.

Youth Beds

For Youth Beds contact MCSS Emergency Shelter at:

32646 Logan Ave, Mission, BC V2V 6C7

T: (604) 820 - 9008

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