Homeless Outreach & Prevention

Homeless Outreach

Mission Community Services Society directly engages with those who are homeless through an outreach program which bridges the gaps and creates awareness of services available to them.

Networking,  advocacy and working in conjunction with the City of Mission, RCMP and other service providers are all part of the program.



Mission Community Services Society is part of a BC-wide initiative that is aimed at providing at-risk groups with rental supplements to make renting in the private market more accessible. This program is called the Homeless Prevention Program and is facilitated by an outreach worker.

Outreach Workers serve Mission youth who are at-risk, women fleeing violence, people leaving corrections/hospital, and people from the aboriginal community in finding and maintaining housing in the private market. Outreach Workers work diligently alongside other community resources to ensure that the population supported is having needs met and can maintain their housing.

While the primary objective of the Homeless Prevention Program is to provide rental supplements, Outreach Workers are ready and willing to assist someone in need with anything that is housing-related.

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