Social Prescription

Services Provided

At MCSS, our Social Prescription Program aims to connect seniors who face multiple barriers with community programs, services, and resources that will aid in improving their health and wellbeing. Seniors accessing this program will be provided with the extra support they need to remain connected with their community, and live independently as long as possible.

Access to the Social Prescription Program is granted through the referral of your doctor or nurse practitioner’s office. Our Social Prescription Program Coordinator will work collaboratively alongside your clinical team in order to provide social programming that is meant to address your needs through a holistic approach.

Types of services offered by the Social Prescription Program include: 

  • Referral to physical activity programs
  • Skills and literacy training
  • Referral to nutrition and food service programs (grocery shopping, Meals on Wheels)
  • Referral to mental health support
  • Medical Transportation
  • Affordable housing assistance
  • Referral to caregiver programs, support programs, education, and volunteer experiences

Who Qualifies for the Social Prescription Program? 

  • Individuals experiencing poor health (physical and emotional)
  • Marginalized individuals
  • Socially vulnerable individuals
  • Those making frequent trips to ER or primary care

To get in contact with our Social Prescription Program Coordinator, please call: (604) 826 - 3634.

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